ChopNow’s low-interest installment plans

Considering to purchase an e-bike, bicycle or Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) from us? Don’t let the seemingly large price tag put you off – we offer a variety of low-interest installment plans from ChopNow (previously Convertt) for customers to choose from, no credit card required!

We have teamed up with Convertt to offer our customers three installment plans to better fit your financial needs. Here at Drive Bikes, customers choose their preferred installment plans – either our 6 month or 9 month installment plans.

ChopNow Eligibility

You must be a Singaporean or PR with at least 21 years of age.

As advertised on our store, the latest model – 48V Eco Drive 2.0 is priced at $1590, but on the 9 month installment plan, the Eco Drive 2.0 could be yours at only $232 a month. Payment can easily be done each month through PayNow or bank transfer. Should you choose to take up this offer, do follow the steps detailed below. Some sample breakdowns of our 9 month installment plans can be found below:

Our e-bike only plans

  • Cash price of 48V Eco Drive 2.0: $1590
  • Amount to be paid each month: $232


  • Processing fee: $50
  • Total interest payable: $448
  • Total amount payable: $2088

Our e-bike & additional battery plans

48v eco drive 2.0 with additional battery installment plan ebike
  • Cash price of 48V Eco Drive Junior 2.0: $1590
  • Cash price of additional battery: $450
  • Amount to be paid each installment: $295


  • Processing fee: $50
  • Total interest payable: $565
  • Total amount payable: $2655

Do note that you will incur additional charges for early settlement of the agreement:

  • Early settlement fees: $80
  • Processing fees: $50
  • Notice period required: 1 month’s notice in writing or 1 month’s interest in lieu thereof